Why try cannabis drinks instead of alcohol?

The Buzzy Booze Replacement That Cannabis Drinks Are!

Throwback to 2010: It is a magnificent afternoon in Positano. You are sipping your favorite poison on the beach, relaxing, and thinking, that’s the best way to chill out. Life has peaked, and my favorite-fruit-flavored cocktail triumphs over practically every other drink out there. Well, fast forward to 2022, and you might want to reconsider your options. Cannabis drinks are a reality now, and they are splashing across the headlines big time. Now, we don’t want to overdose on the opinion of cannabis clout. But these drinks are being deemed nothing short of magic potions! The buzz is such that they are being considered booze alternatives, we just can’t keep our eyes closed on this one, can we? So come, together we shall take a sip and feel the magic of weed drinks in this brief!  

What’s all the buzz about?

When it is time to choose a flavored drink, modern cannabis customers have a variety of choices available to them. However, their interests may be restricted by the parameters which are determined by the marijuana regulations in their state and country. To mention just a few examples, some of the types of options that are available today with cannabis added to them include carbonated waters, flavored seltzers, mocktails, and so much more! 

With less time to unwind and more work hours in the corporate world, people are looking for non-alcoholic options that are enjoyable enough, but not too catastrophic (if you are thinking about your last hangover, we completely understand!). So here they come, cannabis drinks in all their glory, offering their customers the high as well as the exciting experience that they are looking for. Many people are choosing cannabis-infused drinks exceedingly, and why you should also do the same, is argued in the following paragraphs.

Less risk, more reward.

Let us be honest, after a tiring day, we all look forward to some kind of activity that makes all our troubles disappear, and fade into the land of oblivion till the alarm hits again. Most of us drink to unwind, but what we forget in the process is how alcohol consumption becomes a habit, and according to CDC, drinking in abundance has been able to account for one out of every ten deaths that occurred among adults in the working population between the ages of 20 and 64.

With such concerns of health and well-being involved, it is only a smart option to consider and research possible yet different alternatives that are rewarding after a tiring day but are not this risky. You don’t have to give up drinking completely to cater to your needs, you just have to replace alcoholic drinks with cannabis drinks. Get high and feel good with lesser danger to your health and consciousness. 

Experience the buzz, but without the sugar.

The brewing, as well as filtration processes that are utilized in the production of various kinds of alcoholic beverages, will determine the final product’s calorie and sugar content. Seven calories can be found in just one gram of alcohol.   When you add blenders to a drink, like soft drinks, the total amount of calories and sugar in the beverage will rise. This sounds like bad news for people who love mixing their drinks but want to keep a calorie count, doesn’t it? Worry not, we come bearing good news!

One great aspect of using cannabis drinks instead of alcoholic ones (besides the obvious yet amazing THC rush) is that although they still contain sugar, they do so in lesser amounts. This can help all health-conscious people who love to have a good time but need to keep a check on what they are consuming in deciding what to get for their next drink. Imagine enjoying the freshness of blueberries while you get high on cannabis extract oils. You can turn this imagination into reality by ordering blueberry dreams!

What we are trying to establish for our readers here is that not only are cannabis drinks less dangerous to your health than alcohol is, but they are also lesser in calories and sugar, which means that by using cannabis drinks, you can consume lesser calories, but have more fun!

Control how much you feel.

Imagine you are celebrating your best friend’s bachelor party and as the night quiets down, you both sit together and reminisce about the good times you both spent together and you bid him farewell as he walks into his next phase in life, and one drink becomes two, two becomes three and so on.

Such emotionally charged moments should not be accompanied by consciousness about how many drinks you have had, and excess alcohol is always bad. However, what you can do is control the amount of cannabis extract drops that you put in your zero-proof drinks, still get high and feel all incoming emotions without worrying about an aching head the next morning. 

No one likes a hangover.

Close your eyes and recall all those times when you were invited for a night of partying but since it involved drinking booze, you refrained because of an important meeting the next day. Everybody hates a hangover! The fatigue, the constant ringing in your head and the awful amplification of every kind of noise around you, it is just too high of a price to pay for having fun. Not to mention the various hangover cures that follow a ‘girls’ night out’ or ‘beer with the guys’ party. 

You’re already paying for the booze, is it necessary to pay with a hangover too?

The answer is no! Any sound mind would want to have fun without bad consequences. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption does not give its users this liberty. Fortunately for you though, it is possible to experience a THC high in zero-proof drinks by adding yawn drops that contain THC, with a tiny addition of chamomile. As the drops are easily soluble in water, they can make for a good non-alcoholic drink option at your next weekend party, where you can confidently claim no hangovers. Impress your friends with your intellect and creativity!

The bottom line is, this is a chance to enjoy the THC high along with your drink, as you can add cannabis drops to your favorite margarita cocktail without worrying about the detrimental effects that alcohol causes to your health. A quick high, good taste and lesser worry make their cocktail of fun that you need to try as soon as possible!


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