5 Ways to Save on Cannabis Like a Boss

If your weed habit is constantly depleting your bank account, there are some simple ways you can save money at the dispensary.

With more and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, some of us expected quality bud to become more affordable, but the exact opposite has happened in many places. The average price of cannabis nationwide is about $326 per ounce, due in large part to the heavy excise (sin) taxes placed on every product. If you’re a savvy buyer, though, there are several ways you can enjoy your favorite pastime without sacrificing your life savings.

1. Grow Your Own Cannabis

Growing your own supply is the most substantial and sustainable way to save on cannabis.

When buying from a dispensary, you can expect to pay—on average—between $9 and $15 for a single gram of flower. But for just $10-$15 more, you can grow up to 1,500 grams at home.

Consider it this way: For about $25 to $30, you can purchase 3 cannabis seeds. That’s enough for 2 to 3 plants if the seeds are feminized (and you should always opt for feminized seeds when available). Under ideal conditions, a single plant can yield up to 500 grams or about 17.5 ounces. Just make sure to educate yourself on cultivation best practices and learn how to grow weed properly.

So if you have three feminized seeds from high-yield strains, and you cultivate those seeds under perfect growing conditions, it’s absolutely possible to achieve up to 1,500 grams. And even if your yields are lower, you can still achieve hundreds of grams of cannabis, saving potentially thousands of dollars over dispensary purchases.

Of course, you will need to buy the lights, the fans, the filters, the nutrients, the grow system, and everything else required for a home grow operation, but most of these items are one-time investments that will pay for themselves in little time.

2. Buy in Bulk

The less cannabis you buy, the more money you’ll pay, so it’s almost always a good idea to buy in bulk if you can swing it.

On a dispensary menu, it’s not unusual to see something like this:

  • 1g = $17.00
  • 3.5g (⅛ oz.) = $52.00
  • 7g (¼ oz.) = $98.00
  • 14g (½ oz.) = $185.00
  • 28g (1 oz.) = $340.00

If you don’t do the math, you might not notice the significant price difference per gram. But let’s break down the same chart a different way:

  • 1g = $17.00
  • 3.5g (⅛ oz.) = ~$15 per gram
  • 7g (¼ oz.) = ~$14 per gram
  • 14g (½ oz.) = ~$13 per gram
  • 28g (1 oz.) = ~$12 per gram

So using the example above, if you buy an ounce of weed one gram at a time over the course of several months, you’ll pay $476. But if you purchase an ounce all at once and enjoy it over the course of several months, you’ll pay just $340. That’s a difference of $136.

The only caveat here is to only buy as much as you can consume. Under ideal conditions (protected from light, heat, and air), cannabis can generally maintain its freshness for 6 months to a year. So only purchase as much as you can consume within that time frame.

3. Get Deals With Dispensaries or Clubs

Another great way to save on cannabis is to compare the deals offered by different local dispensaries and websites.

  • Call ahead or visit your local dispensary websites to learn about the daily deals. Dispensaries are constantly updating their discount offerings based on surplus products, upcoming expirations, and new brand highlights.
  • See if your local dispensary has a club or point system. Many dispensaries are happy to reward loyal customers with points that can be exchanged for select items or used like cash.
  • Look for discounted pre-rolls. Dispensaries will often remove the older flower from the shelf and repackage it in the form of pre-rolls, often at a deep discount.
  • Join a cannabis social club. If your state permits private cannabis clubs, you might be able to save money on premium products as a member. Many social clubs have their own cultivation facilities, and many are not subject to the same taxation requirements as public dispensaries.
  • Shop online. If you’re looking for items that can be shipped through the mail, such as CBD oil or cannabis seeds, you can use cannabis coupons to save money at checkout.

And of course, if you live in a recreational state but still have a legitimate medical need for cannabis, it’s always in your best interest to become a card-carrying patient. Patients can often save up to 30% on cannabis products because they aren’t subject to the same excise taxes as recreational customers.

4. Mix Weed With Tobacco or Other Herbs

One of the simplest ways to save money on cannabis is to find ways to make your weed go further. Many smokers do this by making spliffs, which are like joints but with cannabis and tobacco mixed together.

Of course, your options aren’t limited to rolling papers. You can combine cannabis with tobacco and other herbs in a pipe, bowl, bong, or hookah. If you already have tobacco cigarettes, you can dip them in cannabis oil for a heightened experience.

Some users like the combination of tobacco and cannabis because it contributes to a uniquely energetic buzz. The downside, of course, is that you subject yourself to the adverse health effects of tobacco. If you’re already a tobacco enthusiast, you can incorporate cannabis into your tobacco products without any major lifestyle changes. However, if you don’t currently smoke any herbs besides marijuana, it may not be the best money-saving choice for you.

If you currently vape nicotine products, you can combine small amounts of THC vape oil to get your buzz much in the same way. Just make sure to do your homework before combining e-juices. Not all oils, juices, and carrier liquids are compatible with one another.

5. You Can Always Stop Smoking

If you really need to save cash, maybe your best solution is to give up the herb altogether—or at least cut way back on it.

Consider that, in 2020, the average U.S. cannabis consumer spent between $500 and $2,500 on weed over the course of the year. That’s a lot of money that could be put toward other needs and activities.

If you decide simply to cut back, the benefit is twofold: you’ll save money, and you’ll enjoy a better buzz when you do decide to indulge. Habitual use will increase your tolerance, meaning that you continually need more herb with higher THC just to enjoy the same buzz. But if you cut back to the occasional toke, you’ll get much more bang for your buck.

There are lots of ways to save money on cannabis. It’s all about being a smart shopper and remembering that old adage: all things in moderation.

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