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What Is the Ideal Grow Room Size Per Plant?

The size of the containers.


Cannabis containers commonly measure 1.5 to 3 gallons, although some growers prefer to use pots measuring 5 gallons or larger. The size of your containers will greatly influence the number of marijuana plants you can accommodate for your grow.

Lighting Conditions


Your typical LED grow lights will need to draw about 30 to 40 watts for every square inch of growing space. So if you have a 2 x 2 space, you’ll need 60 to 80 watts. For a 10 x 10 space, you’ll need 300 to 400 watts. You’ll need to factor in your lighting needs when considering your total grow room capacity.

High-Stress and Low-Stress Growing Methods

Your growing method is arguably the most important variable when determining the number of plants for your grow space.


Grow methods can be either low-stress or high-stress.


Low Stress Training (LST) method which manipulates the shape and orientation of each plant to encourage optimal yields.

High Stress Training

HST methods seek to place excess stress on crops to encourage higher yields.

Other Factors Influencing Grow Room Size Per Plant

The shape of your grow area is important.

The size of your pots will also impact your yields and the amount of labor required.

Autoflowers need as much space as other plants.

Choosing a Grow Tent for Your Space

Shop trusted brands and retailers.

Make sure your tent comes with the essentials

Choose a tent that has the square footage you need.


Figuring out the square footage is the easiest part. The important thing is to ensure that all of your plants have ample space to flourish and grow. So choose your indoor grow space carefully. It will make all the difference for your yields.

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