Video Summary of Article The terms “hash” and “kief” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing.

They do come from the same part of the cannabis plant (hence the confusion), but they refer to two different types of marijuana extract.

It’s the sticky part of the trichome that adheres to your fingers when you handle loose cannabis.

The trichomes are the tiny hairs covering the plant for the purposes of self-preservation and self-defense.

They deter predators and also produce aromas that attract pollinating insects, thus ensuring the plant’s survival.

The easiest way to extract kief at home is to use a multi-chamber herb grinder.

Because kief is made up of fine crystals, the cannabis must be filtered through multiple screens and sifters to ensure a pure extract.

There are two common ways to consume kief: sprinkling it over your joint, or mixing it into a hot beverage.

Smoking: Because kief contains such a high concentration of THC, you can instantly crank up the potency of your spliff, blunt, or joint.

Drinking: Mix about half a gram of kief into your morning coffee for an instant THC kick.

If you try mixing your kief into a cold beverage and the cannabinoids don’t decarboxylate, you’ll be left with no buzz and a nasty taste in your mouth.

Hash, or hashish, is just kief that has been heated, pressurized, and transformed into a solid wax.

Hash is easier to consume than kief, and it also has a higher THC content since it’s more concentrated.

Place as much kief as you can fit into your press, and then turn the knob as tightly as you can.

Sprinkling: As with kief, you can sprinkle it into your blunt or joint and heighten the buzz.

Smoking: You can break your wax into small pieces and smoke it in a glass pipe.

This method allows you to avoid a lot of the toxins and carcinogens that are inhaled when you smoke a joint, so some people prefer it.

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Kief Easier to extract A less potent (but still intense) high You get more for your money

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