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About Zion Medicinals

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Zion Medicinals is the product of countless hours of research and meticulous development. While most companies in the industry believe that quality CBD products start with quality hemp, Zion Medicinals takes it a step further by asserting that it begins with quality soil. Their hemp is sourced from a single farm in Colorado, where biodynamic farming methods are used, making the soil ideal for hemp to thrive.

To maximize therapeutic potency, Zion Medicinal uses ethanol extraction, one of the most advanced methods on the market. It pulls more cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients than any other extraction method. But what sets Zion Medicinals apart from the rest is its spagyric processing, a purification process that recombines salts from the excess plant matter. It’s an ancient technique that Zion Medicinals thought would work well to make their hemp oil even more effective – the results were miraculous. And with that, Zion Medicinals was born.

Popular Zion Medicinals Products

Zion Medicinals produces premium hemp oil available in four potency levels: 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg. All hemp oils from Zion Medicinals uses spagyric processing, making it a unique CBD oil you’ll find nowhere else. Their products are third-party lab tested, ensuring quality and safety. Furthermore, all Zion Medicinals products are made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. Be sure to use our verified Zion Medicinals coupon codes to get your oil at a reduced price.

Featured Zion Medicinals Products

Zion Medicinals CBD Coupon 500mg Hemp Salve Stick

500 mg Hemp Salve Stick

How does relaxation in a stick sound? Portable and mess-proof, this Hemp Salve Stick is the most convenient way to benefit from hemp’s healing attributes. It’s mixed with MCT Oil to maximize bioavailability, making it the perfect solution to calm your aching joints and muscles. Made with cayenne and peppermint, it’s a stimulating pain reducer that cools and later warms the troubled area. Grab yours with our exclusive Zion Medicinals promo coupon codes to get it at a special price.

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Zion Medicinals believes in an environmentally friendly approach. All their materials, from boxes to bottles, are recyclable.

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