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10% off all vape + eLiquids at V2! Cannabis vapes & tobacco eLiquids all in one place.

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About V2

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Shop any of V2 vape or e-Liquid products with 10% off!

Save on any of their products.

Ecig Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Build your perfect starter kit with options tailored to fit your lifestyle. We make getting started easy by offering a variety of electronic cigarette flavors, styles and sizes to choose from.

Vaporizer Kits

Vaporizer Kits

Get maximum vapor production and battery life with one of our vaporizer kits. Choose from devices with standard or sub ohm technology, as well as variable settings.



Stock up on cartridges for your electronic cigarette or vaporizer. We have compatible cartridges available for every type of device we offer, ranging from prefilled to tanks.

E-Liquid Marketplace


With more than 60 flavors in a wide variety of brands, the E-Liquid Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all of your e-liquid needs; shop for both PG and VG blends.

V2 is the largest retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the Internet. They earned this market leadership position by offering a broad selection of high quality, USA-designed products at a tremendous value.

They’re also well known for their live and knowledgeable customer service team, a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on many of their products. Making the shopping experience seamless and fast is an ongoing goal at V2, and since many of their customers are returning customers, they appreciate their “fast checkout” function for registered users and the ability to easily shop via desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

V2‘s best ambassadors are their products and their satisfied customers. V2 believes nobody can tell their story better than a happy customer and the reason they’re happy is that their products deliver authentic flavor and perform at the highest levels.

V2 Products

They’re proud to offer a full assortment of e-cigarette and vaporizer products. V2 offers something for anyone considering a move to electronic cigarettes or a switch from their current brand to V2.

  • Starter Kits: The best way to get started with V2 is select one of their eight different starter kits.
  • Batteries: They offer a broad range of battery colors in four lengths and in automatic or manual function.
  • Pre-filled Cartridges: Two distinct technology choices, including the exclusive EX cartridges, are available in five nicotine levels and twelve flavors plus limited editions.
  • E-Liquid: V2 e-liquid is also available in twelve flavors and five strengths. They offer the best value on a per puff basis.
  • Accessories: From portable chargers to lanyards, look no further than V2 to augment your e-cigarette choices.
  • Vape Pens: Their critically acclaimed V2 Pro line of vape pens allows you to upgrade your vaping experience and to switch between e-liquid, loose leaf and wax, all with the same device.

Get Started with a V2 Starter Kit

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