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10% off your order at Tikun Hemp! Tikun Olam’s sister CBD brand.

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About Tikun Hemp

Tikun Hemp Coupon Codes

Nature, enhanced with science

Plant-based and sunshine-grown in the United States. Meticulously crafted to the highest standards and triple tested.

Tikun Hemp Coupon Code Plant based Products

Tikun Hemp Coupon Code THC Free Products

Products to support your well-being

Tikun Hemp products are made with THC-Free hemp extract, our proprietary Olam Oils, and a selection of terpenes. Designed to support your daily health and wellness.

Repair The World

Our mission is to repair the world — one person at a time. Our plant-based solutions support and restore human health, so you can relax and enjoy life.

Tikun Hemp Coupon Code Restoring Human Health Products

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Tikun Hemp Coupon Code Repair Restore Relax

Our Story

Tikun Hemp Coupon Code Our Story

Tikun Hemp is a sister brand to Tikun Olam. In Hebrew, “Tikun Olam” translates to “Repair the World.” For us, that means providing high-quality medical cannabis that is backed by over a decade of research. We aim to improve our patients’ quality of life and overall wellness, while educating and inspiring the medical community, on a global scale.

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