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10% OFF at the best online headshop, SmokeSmith Gear!  Free Shipping On Every Item.

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"Bun'ei" Double Disc Perc Bong


24-kt Gold-Plated Grinder


Pleasure Point Water Pipe


Plenty Wear & Tear Kit


Hand Held Pollen Press


Organic Connoisseur Kingsize w/Tips


Organic Connoisseur 1 1/4 w/ Tips


Pre-Rolled Classic Kingsize Cones


Pre-Rolled Classic 1 1/4 Cones


The Safeguard


4-Piece Herb Grinder


Saxophone Sherlock Pipe


SideKick Vaporizer


Single Cannaster


Slushy Cup Bubbler


Small Glass Sherlock Pipe


4-Piece Scout Grinder


Sonic Portable Vaporizer


4-Piece Titanium Grinder


5-Piece Pollen Press


SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Dab Rig


Jane West Spoon Pipe


Jane West Steamroller


R Series Mega Torch


Storage Case


The Mighty


Plenty Vaporizer


The Herbalizer


The Land Yacht Glass Pipe


The Safety Case 2.0 (Basic Kit)




Upline Flared Stemless Bong


Upline Spoon Pipe


Upline Steamroller


Jane West Upright Bubbler


Pro Series 7 Pen Vape


Volcano Classic


Volcano Digital


Volcano Easy Valve Starter Set


Volcano Solid Valve Starter Set


About SmokeSmith Gear

Save Money, SMOKESMITH GEAR Coupon Code

SmokeSmith Gear is the nation’s best online headshop, offering the finest water pipes, bongs, hand pipes, heady glass, vaporizers, storage containers and smoke accessories.  They are the smoke gear destination for the modern consumer, offering a shopping experience that is inviting, well designed and easy to use along with the best customer service in the business.  They are the online headshop reimagined.

Find all the best brands and products and be confident in your purchase with their price matching program. With this coupon and price matching there is no way you would find a better price at any other online headshop. Adding to the price guarantee, SmokeSmith Gear’s world-class service allows for the smoothest shopping experience imaginable.

Based in Brooklyn, SmokeSmith Gear has relationships with the leading, most unique manufacturers and glass artists in the world, and they offer the newest pieces and the most innovative smart devices that you can find.

They will meet any price you can find and they offer free shipping on most items. In a world of endless options, they offer the confidence to know you are making the right gear choices.  

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