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About Smilyn Wellness

Smilyn Wellness Coupon Codes

You’ve entered a modern, colorful space symbolizing the antidote to a boring, pain-filled, uninspiring life. Smilyn Wellness is a manufacturer of CBD health and wellness products. Founded by Brett Weiss, the company prides itself in being able to deliver an array of the highest quality CBD products that inspires their customers to lead a better life by seeking alternative solutions to their medical conditions. With extensive knowledge and expertise between Brett Weiss and their COO, Heather Lantorno, the company wants to avoid being simply a CBD product maker and wants to be known as a one-stop solution provider through webinars, influential and informative blog articles along with their diverse range of products providing relief from sleeplessness, pain, skin problems and many more. The company’s tremendous drive to produce a wellness culture is derived from the three key concepts they follow: Innovation, longevity and access for all to CBD.

Popular Smilyn Wellness Products

In this ever-growing CBD industry, Smilyn Wellness has been able to gather a huge user base that swears by their products because of their huge product range containing tinctures, gummies, softgels, roll-ons, sticks, salve, patches, face masks, pet products and many more. By using these exclusive Smilyn wellness discount codes, you get the chance to enjoy their product range to the fullest. Some of their most popular products are –

Smilyn Wellness CBD Coupons Oil Tincture

CBD Oil Tincture – The CBD Oil Tincture from Smilyn Wellness is available in a 3.8 oz bottle containing 200mg of the highest quality hemp-extract. The oil tincture is packed with adaptogens and vitamins and is available in a variety of flavours like elderberry, grape, blueberry, mint, lemon, orange and cinnamon.

Smilyn Wellness CBD Coupons Fruit Gummies

CBD Fruit Gummies – The Smilyn Wellness CBD Fruit Gummies are available in a container of 25 gummies, with each gummy containing 10mg premium quality hemp-extract. The gummies are completely gluten-free and THC free and contain all-natural colouring and flavouring.

Smilyn Wellness CBD Coupons Softgels

CBD Softgels – The CBD softgels are made with their proprietary water-soluble phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and have a shelf-life of 18 months. The bottle contains 30 softgels with each softgel containing 25mg of premium hemp-extract. These gummies are completely THC-free and are available in other varieties with separate combinations of melatonin and curcumin.

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