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About Shatter Batter

Shatter Batter Coupon Codes

Shatter Batter discount codes for a Native American, minority, and women-owned Colorado-based company dedicated to making quality essential oil emulsifiers. Shatter Batter is a flavor house creating unique oil blends to dissolve your Wax, Isolate, Shatter, Butter, and Essential Oils into “batter,” making it ideal for your aromatherapy diffuser or tank.

Shatter Batter is made with the finest products, focusing on great taste and compatibility to blend your essential oils and herbal products. Their collection is THC, CBD, Nicotine, and Vitamin-E free. The company formulates a wide range of flavors that will enhance your vaping experience and make it difficult for people around you to know what’s actually in your tank.

Popular Shatter Batter Products

Quickly turn your Herbal Wax, Oil, Isolate, Shatter, or Butter into the tastiest liquid for your vape. Easy-to-use and compact, Shatter Batter comes with a mess-free syringe that allows you to mix up a batch in a flash. It’s available in tons of flavors, including Blueberry, Grape, Mango, Melon, Lemonade, and more. If choosing a single one is too challenging because they all sound equally amazing, you can choose a five-bottle sampler. Just imagine the blends you can create! Be sure to use our verified Shatter Batter coupon codes to save on your next Shatter Batter purchase.

Featured Shatter Batter Product

Shatter Batter CBD Blueberry Wacky Tacky Blunt and Cigar Glue

Blueberry Wacky Tacky Blunt and Cigar Glue
No matter how skilled you may be at twisting blunts and rolling joints, you’re never safe from a nasty run or rip. Over are the days when you had to use saliva to “patch” things up. Wacky Tacky is the repair glue you can count on to save your sessions. Made with food-grade blueberry flavors and cellulose fibers, this liquid glue adheres to your paper, dries quickly, and gives your smoke a fruity flavor. The 10 ml bottles have a precise applicator tip, making them mess-free and easy to apply. Grab yours at a discount with our exclusive Shatter Batter discount codes.

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While Shatter Batter specializes in oil emulsifiers, that’s not all it offers. The Shatter Batter shop has Heady Glass pieces, tons of accessories, and a line of weed apparel to keep you looking fresh.

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