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10% OFF the Ultimate Dab Pen at Qloud Up! Site-wide coupon on the Nexus and more.

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Qloud Up CBD Coupon Codes

Get one of the most sought-after vapes on the market at a ridiculously low price with our verified Qloud Up coupon codes and vouchers.

Founded in 2014, Hempland USA was one of the pioneers that helped build what the CBD industry is today. Back then, most companies weren’t in it to make a quick buck; they wanted to make a difference in the world. Hempland USA, founded by Richard Waggoner, is one of those companies that was created on the principle that hemp is a noble plant that can do a lot of good for our society

At Qloud Up, the mission is straightforward: to build premium wax vaporizers that will transcend your vaping experience, making every pull a tasty treat that you’ll savor.

Popular Qloud Up Products

Qloud Up’s award-winning vapes include the Nexus and Nexus Pro Vaporizers. Designed to take your concentrates/extracts further, the Nexus Vape is unique in design and versatility.

With the Nexus Vaporizer, you can choose between three easy-to-install atomizers. To maximize taste and terpene profile, use the Ceramic Disq Atomizer. For sizable clouds, you can trust the Crystal Quartz Single Atomizer. And if you feel like going all out, maximizing potency and cloud size, just pop on the Crystal Quartz Dual Atomizer. Nexus vapes are designed in the USA and are quality tested for safety, quality, and durability – their batteries come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t forget to use our exclusive Qloud Up vouchers and promo coupons to get the best price on your Nexus.

Featured Qloud Up Product

Qloud Up CBD Coupon Code Nexus Pro

Nexus Pro

The Nexus Pro is Qloud Up’s most advanced concentrates/extracts vaporizer. It allows you to customize your vaping experience with two atomizers: the Ceramic Disq Atomizer, when you want to taste every terp, and the Dual Crystal Quartz Atomizer – when big clouds are on your mind. It features a thick glass mouthpiece for extra comfort and elegance. The 650 mAh battery will give you the freedom to vape throughout the day without a hitch. It has four temperature settings, giving you complete control over your sessions. Be sure to use our verified Qloud Up coupon codes to get the best deal on this vape.

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Qloud Up vapes have been raking up trophies: #1 vape at HempCon, Best Vape on Vape Guide, and Favorite Vape by The Cannabist.

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