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Matanuska Thunder Feminized


G13 Haze


Bubblegum Feminized


White LSD Feminized


White Widow Max Auto Feminized


Banana Kush Feminized


Zkittlez Feminized


Auto GDP Feminized


Wedding Cake Feminized


Auto Blue Dream Feminized


Sour Diesel

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Sunset Sherbet Feminized


Big Bud


Bruce Banner #3 Feminized


Gorilla Glue Auto Feminized


THC Bomb

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized


Gelato Feminized


Pinene Terpene Pack

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Myrcene Terpene Pack

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Linalool Terpene Pack

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Outdoor Marijuana Pack

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Budget Feminized Seed Pack

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Flavoured Marijuana Seed Pack

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Classic Seed Pack

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Blueberry Widow Feminized


Blue Mystic Feminized


Blue Dream Feminized

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Aurora Indica

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Northern Storm Automatic Feminized


Orange Bud

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Holland's Hope

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Lowryder 2

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Blue Mystic

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Caramelicious Feminized


About MSNL • Original Seed Bank

Save Money, Verified MSNL Coupon Code


After setting up the original seed bank, our founder was one of the first geneticists to take the marijuana dream online. That means if you see it anywhere else, chances are, we did it first. For the customer, that means we’ve spent the most time perfecting our buying process, so everything’s straightforward, reliable, and tirelessly tested to minimize room for error.

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Buy weed from someone off the street, and nine times out of ten, it’ll be awful. You don’t know what you’re getting, or whether it’ll be any good even if you do. You don’t know what organizations it’s funding, how many chemicals it’s loaded with… not to mention you don’t really know who this guy is. But MSNL are here to help.


After all the equipment, time, effort and love you put into your hobby, you want it to turn out right. MSNL’s founder was a passionate geneticist with decades of experience, and this is brought to life in every single one of our products. Through rigorous testing, comprehensive research, and masterful intuition, we know for a fact that our range is of the highest pedigree, and will never, ever disappoint.

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MSNL are proud to offer the most cutting-edge discretion in the business. We’re never phased by a nosy roommate. Customers get what they’ve paid for, with one of the highest delivery success rates there is. Coupled with cleverly discrete billing, we know our customers’ identities are safe at every stage of their journey. Plus, we offer same-day dispatch and guaranteed delivery for maximum reassurance.

Save money now on your cannabis seeds order with this MSNL coupon code!


We’re normal people, passionate about the products we sell. We’re always there to help, and in this industry, we feel our customer service is unmatched. We’re all about the customer’s experience, and satisfaction is a top priority for us at every step of the journey.

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MSNL’s pioneering breeders and producers have spent years travelling the world to find the best strains for our customers. Coupled with rigorous testing procedures, that means we offer some of the strongest, most reliable, and consistently stable strains around. We’re also proud to trust the unique intuition of our breeders, and as such, we avoid fads and ‘the next big thing’.


We’ve spent the best part of two decades ensuring our breeding process is as streamlined and efficient as it can be. For the customer, this means we can keep prices low without sacrificing quality or service.  At already incredibly low prices making a purchase is unbeatable with this MSNL coupon code.

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The best Marijuana Seed Bank since ’99

Our marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) are developed by the best and most experienced breeders in Holland with each strain rigorously hand checked and tested before being available to purchase, ensuring each bean meets our high standards, plus they have a 90% germination rate if germinated correctly. It’s the genetic stability in a marijuana seed (cannabis seed) that can be the difference between a successful crop and one that yields lesser results, so it’s important you trust the seeds you buy. Our marijuana seed genetics have been honed and perfected over the years and our catalog now boasts some of the finest and most stable seed collections available anywhere.

Buy all Types of Cannabis Seeds at the Best Online Price

Whether you are searching for the best feminized, regular or autoflowering marijuana seeds or have your eye on the latest cup winning genetics (we stock Cannabis Cup and High Times Cup winners), our affordable cannabis seeds certainly won’t disappoint. Those looking for medical marijuana  will find a superb range available too. We stock the most popular varieties including White Widow, Northern Lights, Grandaddy Purps feminized, Big Bud and Buddha marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds).

We also provide an excellent range of indoor and outdoor seeds and you can select sativa or indica strains too. Each of our products comes with unique tasting notes so you can see at a glance what a particular marijuana seed’s strain properties are.

In fact, customer satisfaction is something we’re proud of and we take great care to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with each order. Our same day dispatch, international stealth shipping and delivery times are the best in the industry and we guarantee discretion at all times to safeguard your discretion.

Save Cash: Buy Value Marijuana seed packs

To save you even more money you may want to take a look at our value marijuana seed packs including classic, super strong, budget, fruity and outdoor weed seeds. Sold in packs of 10 seeds you can save big with them. Remember we also send out 5 FREE marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) with each order.

Cannabis Strains and Seeds for everyone

Beginners, connoisseurs, witchdoctors, and shamans, we cater for you all. The easy to navigate website and our detailed strain guides make selecting the perfect marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) a simple and easy task. If for some reason you can’t find a strain you’re looking for, or need some further help drop us a line via the contact us section.

MSNL have one of the biggest selections of cannabis seeds for sale online and is the original and best marijuana seed bank and we’re passionate about what we do, that’s why you get the very best genetics and service day in day out, guaranteed!

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