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Digital Gift Card

$25.00 - $250.00

Hemp Pet Drops: with Turmeric


Aloha Set


Synergy Trio


Hemp Dark Chocolate Bar

$18.00 - $162.00

Hemp Dark Chocolate Square: Macadamia & Sea Salt

$30.00 - $90.00

Hawaiian CBD Honey: Lehua & Wilelaiki

$65.00 - $65.00

Hemp Tincture: Turmeric & Cinnamon (Limited Edition)

$60.00 - $60.00

Hemp Tincture: Passionflower & Lehua (Limited Edition)

$60.00 - $60.00

Hawaiian CBD Oil 3X: Turmeric & Vanilla

$335.00 - $345.00

Hawaiian CBD Oil: Turmeric & Vanilla

$105.00 - $110.00

Hawaiian CBD Oil Intro: Turmeric & Vanilla


Hemp Body Oil: Lavender, Sandalwood & Copaiba


CBD Massage Oil: Hemp Concentrate


Hawaiian CBD Balm: Plantain & Comfrey

$75.00 - $75.00

About Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Botanics Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis

Mana Artisan Botanics is a purpose-driven hemp company based on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s our mana’o to be a voice for sustainable agriculture, local economy and community wellness as we craft our healthful, sustainably-grown hemp infusions.

At Mana Artisan Botanics, we strive to be a company that places values over profit and incorporate a big picture worldview into our offerings. Alongside the life teachings we’ve all had over the years, many Hawaiian values have also informed our way of life and doing business. We are inspired by and infused with a respect for the land, for the wellbeing of people and for our own right relationship amongst ourselves as well as with our creations. Here are our three driving operating values:

Mana Botanics Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis

Imi Ola

To ‘Imi ola is to “seek our highest purpose in life.” When we practice ‘Imi ola as a personal value, we create and fulfill our own destiny to arrive at the highest form of our wellbeing. As a company, we seek to have a clear vision and fulfill our mission to its greatest potential.


Kuleana is a practice referring to one’s personal sense of responsibility, referring to a reciprocal relationship, such as the one between people and their land, the aina. Through such symbiotic relationships, individuals maintain balance within their community and with the natural environment.


Aloha is the outpouring and the receiving of the spirit. Living with the “Spirit of Aloha” is living a life based on love, peace and compassion. The deeper meaning of Aloha is about interacting rightfully in the natural world—and being in harmony with our bodies, communities and environment.

Mana Botanics Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis

Our Imi Ola guides us to fulfil our Kuleana and inspire people to live life in the Spirit of Aloha.

  • We are dedicated to crafting high-quality products that care for the customer, the producer and the environment.
  • We prepare our products in an artisan style, in small batches from sustainably cultivated, plant-based ingredients we have a connection to.
  • We give back to the land by practising regenerative agriculture and support local farmers by sourcing our ingredients directly from them.

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