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About LumiBloom

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LumiBloom is a female, black-owned business and we’re on a mission to prioritize the needs of women and inspire confidence. We’re a beauty and lifestyle brand that develops products and ingredients that keep women in mind, while also building a platform to connect with and inspire other women. Our natural teas, signature natural hair, hemp-derived CBD tinctures, vitamins and gummies are created to support and celebrate the unique beauty, strength, expressiveness, individuality, diversity and resiliency of all women.

Beauty Redefined By LumiBloom


Reveal your personality through every hairstyle and color with LumiBloom all natural human hair extensions, hair clips and other accessories.

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LumiBloom CBD Coupons Natural Organic Products


Pamper your body and elevate your soul with LumiBloom’s all-natural organic bath and body products.


Experience the sheer vitality and sense of renewal that comes from the finest quality organic CBD teas, tinctures and vitamins.

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About Us

“LumiBloom exists because we believe that every woman is beautiful, powerful, and unique. Our philosophy makes us stand out from other beauty and wellness brands. We’re building a community, not just a store. The Lumi Life is for every woman who wants to be her best, most authentic self.”

Our Mission

To prioritize the needs of women and inspire confidence


Like women everywhere juggling a life full of possibilities and promise presented a range of everyday challenges for me. Trying to keep everything together and stay well as I worked to follow my own dreams inspired the creation of LumiBloom.

We take pride in being a beauty and lifestyle brand that develops and markets products with women in mind. More than a brand, we’re building a platform to connect with and inspire other women and to share and magnify their stories. At LumiBloom, we believe that beauty starts from the inside, so we carefully select products and ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to support and celebrate the unique beauty, strength, expressiveness, individuality, diversity, and resiliency of all women.


LumiBloom eliminates the need to search endlessly for a beauty and wellness brand that you can count on. We promise to bring you what you need to meet the world head-on, eyes up, ready to smile.

Our hair products are tailored to complement all hair types and styles, making them the perfect accessory every occasion. LumiBloom and ultra-premium LumiBloom Signature hair is all-natural, virgin and sourced from Indian suppliers with a direct connection to the Temples where the hair is gathered. We know because we travelled to India to find the best supplier, to make sure that the hair we sell is hair that we would be proud to wear. Your skin will thank you for using a body scrub that adds a fresh layer of vibrancy and glow. And LumiBloom Hand Sanitizer has you covered on every front. It meets the strictest national health standards for hand wash, eliminates more than 99% of harmful germs in as little as 15 seconds all the while gently conditioning and moisturizing your skin.

LumiBloom’s natural teas, hemp-derived CBD tinctures, vitamins and gummies stem from our recognition that real beauty emanates from the inside out. Each of our products are specifically designed to ensure you reach a whole new level of energy, focus, balance, calm and all-around wellness.

LumiBloom CBD Coupons About Us

Join the Lumi Network conversation by logging in to exclusive interviews, lively roundtable chats, and easy-to-follow tutorials created just for you. Enrich your life by connecting with women from all walks of life; entertainment, sports, health, business, and lifestyle. This is YOUR community; we are just providing the platform.

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