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About Lost Remedy

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We hand craft a variety of health and skin care products infused with hemp-derived CBD oil. We use organic carrier oils and essential oils, coupled with organically grown, CO2 extracted and third party lab tested CBD oil produced domestically.

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Natural, eco-friendly CBD oil and topicals.

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CBD oil and topicals for health and beauty

In March 2011, I met a woman who had suffered for more than a decade with pain at a constant eight to 10 level. She was tired of the lethargy, weight gain and side effects of traditional painkillers. She wanted her life back and after much research decided to treat her pain with a CBD dietary supplement. Initially, I was skeptical. The impressive results she experienced over a short period of time, however, changed my mind. She was able to move more freely and began shedding the excess pounds. Her thinking became more focused, and she was able to engage socially. In short, CBD transformed her life.

CBD topicals and dietary supplement

This introduction to the wonders of CBD (cannabidiol) and the existence of the endocannabinoid system present in humans formed the initiation of Lost Remedy. Her amazing recovery prompted my interest in developing CBD-infused topical formulas to address issues of pain and healing, and eventually, skin care products.

Through experimentation, I learned that CBD provides an efficient delivery system for the various carrier oils, essential oils and other healing raw materials to provide their individual and unique healing properties most effectively.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory on its own. When taken as a dietary supplement in combination with a targeted CBD-infused, pain-relief topical, it can be enhanced significantly for conditions such as fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, and arthritis, among others. Read more.

Lost Remedy Was Born

In 1902 Thomas Edison said, “There were never so many able, active minds at work on the problems of disease as now, and all their discoveries are tending toward the simple truth that you can’t improve on nature.”

Edison’s words and my own years of experience formed the basis for the creation of all of our products. We use organically grown carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils in combination with organic and lab-tested CBD oil from hemp. Our mission is to respect and use the integrity and natural purity of Mother Nature.

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CBD oil health and beauty products

Karen Sheady

Business Owner, Lost Remedy

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An analytical mind has always been at the root of Karen Sheady’s work. In 2012, she accepted the challenge offered by a Montana dispensary to research and create cannabis-infused topicals and edibles. Initially, she developed tinctures, topicals, candies and cookies for patients who held a medical-use card. She was thrilled by how many people found relief using these products.

In 2013, her work became personal. Create a cream that would carry her through radiation treatment for breast cancer without the burns. She knew the importance of using pure, hemp-derived CBD oil in easing pain and protecting the skin. Her first formula surpassed expectations.

She completed radiation with only minor pinkness, and has since refined and perfected this soothing, cooling multipurpose burn cream that can also help relieve the pain of sunburn and other burns.

After that success, she wondered if she could create equally effective products using the pure CBD oil extracted from hemp, which would allow everyone to reap the benefits of these products—without needing a state-issued, medical-use card.

Organic CBD oil products

Karen researched the highest-quality, domestically grown, organic CBD oil. She studied suppliers’ extraction methods to ensure the purest possible full-spectrum CBD oil. After dozens of test studies, she concluded that the effectiveness of the CBD-infused products equaled the success of her earlier formulas containing THC.

In 2016, she launched Lost Remedy, with a line of health and skin care products that proudly offers chemical-free, CBD products that are eco-friendly—both the ingredients used to make the topicals, and the materials used for packaging and shipping.

Lost Remedy is a labor of love for Karen that fulfills her long-term desire to produce pure, high-quality, affordable products to help people feel better and live their lives more fully. After her 45-year-plus work history, she proudly calls this endeavor the most rewarding of her career. The handwritten thank you cards and email success stories that line her office walls say it all.

If you would like Lost Remedy to address a condition, contact us with your suggestions. We welcome your feedback and hope you’ll stay tuned for new product releases. Learn more about our products

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