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About Kino

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All of Kino’s skincare products are all-natural, non-toxic certified, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, leaping bunny certified (cruelty-free), vegan, and contain over 30 of the highest quality nutrient-rich ingredients.
We source as many ingredients as possible from Hawaii, so we feel it’s important to give back. We donate $1 from every purchase to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

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With Over 50 Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

Heal From The Outside-In

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All-Natural, Non-Toxic and Cruelty-Free

Skincare With A Purpose

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Why Us?

Here at Kino, we want you to enjoy perfect health and quality of life. Our decades of research in the field of CBD cream for pain and CBD skin care allows us to provide customers with all-natural, Toxic-Free Certified and Cruelty-Free products.

Kino sells the best CBD oil, lotions, natural lip balm, and CBD creams. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound extracted from hemp, packing a big punch of health without getting you high.

Proven an excellent pain reliever and a whole body-pampering agent, CBD together with our world class natural oils and ingredients help people all over the world. We believe in the healing powers of Nature and we are adamant in bringing you the latest science-based formulations so you can enjoy the health and looks that you deserve.

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Our Mission

Hawaii has one of the most beautiful, unique, and fragile ecosystems in the entire world. Every day, more and more native species of plants and animals are pushed to the edge of extinction. If not for the incredible, selfless efforts by non-profit organizations and volunteers, this amazing place would not be the same.

Business can truly be a platform for good, and we’d like to set the bar as high as possible. If you share our same love for Hawaii, join us in our efforts to protect and conserve it by purchasing Kino products.

The Story

“When We Are Faced With Challenges, We Look To Nature For Guidance.”

In the Hawaiian Language, the word ‘kino’ means body.

Culturally, the people and the earth share a symbiotic relationship with one another. The earth provides for the people, and in turn, the people treat the earth with respect and reverence. Kino’s journey also began with this simple but powerful notion, and our products reflect this belief.

The Idea

Combine the highest quality, best performing, and scientifically proven natural ingredients.

Our Message

Good for the body, good for the earth.

The earth provides everything the body needs. We would like to respect and preserve her resources so we may continue to flourish.

Environmental Responsibility

Conscious of our impact.

We believe that the environment should not have to suffer for our benefit. Our ingredients and formulations are chosen and designed to have a minimal impact while providing maximum benefit.

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