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Hydro Kitty is CBD skincare boutique showcasing a #superchillskincare collection of women-led, cruelty-free brands. Along with bringing customers a curated collection of brands doing CBD skincare right, Hydro Kitty offers it’s own product line now available at select retail partners. Hydro Kitty unleashes the benefits of CBD topicals to everyone and believes in hydration of the skin and spirit.

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We’re Hydro Kitty!

We bring you a fun collection of Cannabis skincare brands rich in CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive, yet highly beneficial cannabinoid found in Cannabis. It’s our mission to source products that are organic and cruelty-free. Our resident furry friend, Ziggy, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Alyssa’s Story

My interest in CBD skincare started through my love of growing Cannabis in my hydroponic garden. The plan was to share my journey as I learned how to cultivate this amazing plant through helpful how-to videos. Ziggy, my tuxedo cat, would wander into shots, becoming the mascot for what I dubbed “Hydro Kitty” as a nod to hydroponic growing. I learned how to infuse Cannabis flower with oils, but sought a cleaner, THC-free approach, which is when I shifted my focus to CBD.

I scoured the web for quality CBD skincare products to treat my redness-prone skin and discovered that truly inspiring female-founded business are leading the way in this industry. Yet, these brands can be hard to find beyond word of mouth. I built Hydro Kitty in an effort to highlight some of these brands all in one place, making them available to a wider audience and, hopefully, delivering you useful content along the way.

Since launch, I’ve developed my own product line full of skin-loving natural ingredients meant to complement our curated collection. When you shop our collection, you support these women, CBD for wellness, cruelty-free practices, and independent business.

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