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Hippie Butler Coupon Codes - Smoker Subscription Box - Marijuana Online - Cannabis Pipes - Save On Cannabis

10% OFF premium 420 subscription boxes Hippie Butler coupon! Online headshop.

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About Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler CBD Coupon Codes

Get fantastic discounts on the most distinguished monthly subscription cannabis boxes on the web with our verified Hippie Butler coupons and promo codes.

So, you’re a serious herb smoker? If that’s the case, are you staying fully stocked with smoking essentials at all times, or are you still running out of supplies midway through your sessions? Fear not, Hippie Butler is here to save the day!

Hippie Butler helps you create your subscription box personalized with your favorite goodies. Choose the style of box you’d like to receive – they have essentials for all types of smokers. After answering a few questions, your box is custom-made according to your preferences. Every month, Hippie Butler will discreetly deliver your smoker’s treasure chest to your doorsteps – convenient, lowkey, and oh so classy.

The Boxes

Hippie Butler’s service sounds awesome, but what’s inside these marvelous boxes?

Primarily, you can choose your box size depending on your smoking needs. If you’re a casual kind of smoker, you’ll want the Rollers Club, which includes all the essentials, rolling papers, blunt wraps, hand pipes, and the likes. For those who need more than the basics, the Butler Box is the one you want. You can expect mighty bongs and premium accessories in that one. Now, if you’re looking for high-class products with more pizzazz, the Masters Club is the box you need.Don’t forget to use our verified Hippie Butler promo codes to get your favorite box at a bargain!

What Type of Products Do I Get?

Hippie Butler carries products from top brands in the industry. Each box is hand-packed by a Hippie Butler expert who will place products from brands like Doob Tubes, Juicy, RAW, XVAPE, Smoking, and so many more. Hippie Butler has pipes of all shapes and sizes, high-quality vapes, concentrate gear, grinders, trays, apparel, just to name a few.

With Hippie Butler, you never know what essentials you’ll get, but you can be sure that it will be amazing. Think of the excitement you’ll get when you receive your box of goodies every month – PRICELESS.

Save money now with Hippie Butler CBD coupon codes!


You don’t have to be a subscriber to enjoy Hippie Butler’s premium collection of smoking essentials. The Hippie shop is open to all who want to buy quality products at affordable prices. Just have a look at what Hippie Butler has in store; you won’t be disappointed.

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