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5% OFF premium pipes, bongs, dabrigs, & vape at Heady Treasures! Worldwide Shipping.

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About Heady Treasures

Save Money, Verified HEADY TREASURES Coupon Code

If you are looking for a new vape, pipe, bong, dab rig, nail or other head shop goodies Heady Treasures has you covered!

Always get great pricing at Heady Treasures and now save even more with this 5% off coupon code.

Get your smoke on or vape on Today with the treasures in their inventory, not only the biggest brands in the industry but also some of the most interesting glass around.

A message from Heady Treasures:

Heady Treasures was founded in January 2014 and is located in Upstate, Rochester, New York. We strive to offer the best prices on the hottest brands while providing our collectors with unique, custom glass from local, American glassblowers.

All of our glass is inspected to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality. The ‘Heady’ standard provides a certain level of perfection among our inventory. We want to make sure our collectors are 100% satisfied with their purchase, and receive only the best functional and non-functional art that can be treasured forever.

We offer a wide variety of glass and other fabrications made by local, independent artists within the U.S. We refuse to sell cheap imported products. We carry the most successful, most well-known and trusted brands in the industry. Some of these brands include: Alpine GlassCannastick, Empire Glassworks, Errlectric, Phoenician Engineering, RawShine, and Wulf.

Shipping is handled discreetly with no indication of the contents for your privacy. Every order is handled with great care and in a timely fashion. Overall time to process any given order may take around 7-10 business days.

Considering we are an independently owned business, and have years of being a part of the community, we take great pride in our service to you. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal!

We hope to continue to expand as a business and fulfill all of our collector’s needs. Along with quality items, we also provide our customers with expert knowledge, educational information, and insight to the glass community.

Your support makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!


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