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Best Portable Vaporizers

Ultimate Portability • Longer Sessions • Infinite Versatility

The Haze Dual V3

The Haze Dual V3 is the premier Dual Chamber Vaporizer that delivers ultimate portability, the longest sessions and the most versatile vaping experience… so you can live life to the fullest! See below why Haze V3 is the maker of the best portable vaporizers.

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The Haze Dual V3 offers exclusive features that no other portable vaporizer can match:

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And we have great accessory packages including Road Trip Go Kit, Camping Essentials Pack, and Festival Party Case to help you customize and maximize your Haze experience!
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What Is A Vaporizer? 

Vaporizer, as a common term, is a device which heats up the material that was placed inside, to elevated temperatures where the active components of the material are extracted and consumed by inhalation. These materials can be dry herb, liquid oils, waxy concentrates and any other substance which contain combined ingredients. All substances have a vaporization point. Some of them are low and some of them are high-temperature dependent. The vaporizer will effectively extract the substance from the rest of the material. The traditional smoking creates plenty of harmful substances that are caused by burning or combustion. These harmful substances are inhaled along with the targeted ingredient. A vaporizer eliminates these harmful substances and allows digestion of only the targeted ingredient.

Common Characteristics Of A Good Vaporizer From Health Perspective:

  • Temperature control: This is a must for a good vaporizer. Every substance has a range of vaporization temperature.
  • Heat distribution: The hot air must travel across your substance, evenly at each surface, so it can extract the most targeted ingredient out of it.
  • Cooling system: Constant inhalation of hot vapor will cause throat irritation and may lead to health complications.
  • Solid material selection: The components of a good vaporizer should be selected from medical grade equipment. Excessive usage of low-grade plastic, rubber, silicone and metal parts may cause serious health concerns.
  • Air path engineering: The most important design element of a good vaporizer is its air path design. There is a science behind how the outside air gets into the device, gets heated, vaporizes the substance and gets delivered through inhalation.

Convenience Factors Of A Good Vaporizer:

  • Portability & accessibility: Very important factor for today’s patients and recreational users of vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are becoming more popular every day.
  • Battery life: A good portable vaporizer will feature extended battery life. This is the reason why Haze Vaporizer features removable batteries.
  • Versatility: More and more substances are coming to the market. Best portable vaporizers feature versatility in usage. Load size, taste, vapor quality, substance compatibility and many more variations of how users enjoy portable vaporizers today. They need to be customized in a single device.
  • Size: Small discreet size devices are extremely important. Especially the form factor. Best portable vaporizers should not be only small in size but they should be comfortable to carry around in pockets.
  • Discreetness: This is still a very important factor for many users. Discreet vaporizers are not only looking “unassuming” but also they need to produce the least amount of smell when used in public.

Common Risks Of Using Low-Quality Vaporizers:

  • Damage to your body: Vaporizers can be extremely harmful to your body unless they are built with a good technology and solid material types.
  • Battery safety: The battery technology has evolved but unless it is built with care, the Lithium batteries still do explode. Low-end vaporizers do not carry necessary certifications for safety.
  • Combustion: Most vaporizers do lead to combustion. An average user may not even be aware of this if the combustion happens at low temperatures. Using low-quality vaporizers may be the same or even worse than smoking.

Haze Dual Vaporizer Reviews


“Dual bowls, long battery life, and solid performance are what you get with the Haze. Performance and vapor quality are right in-line with what I would expect from a good $250 vape, and it’s definitely better than the last model” – Vape Critic

“Haze Vaporizer is one of the most popular of all portable vaporizers, thanks to its one of a kind Dual Chamber design and extreme focus on the versatility with their conduction & convection heating capability, pre-pack on-the-go cans, ability to vaporize all material types.” – VaporSeller

“The Haze Dual V3 is a dual chamber portable vaporizer by Haze technologies that offer both conduction and convection heating methods for your dry herbs and can also vape your e-liquids, concentrates and waxes. This is a versatile portable vaping device for those who want a solid all-in-one vaporizer, without breaking the bank.” – The Vape Guide


“This is my first vaporizer and I love it! It is well made and very easy to use. It’s small enough to fit in my bag and the small size does not take away from the great vapor quality. I love having two batteries so I’m never without.” – Sarjo

“Beautiful vape. Love the glass and stainless steel mouthpieces and removable batteries. Vapor quality is awesome and yet it is small. Love the design and the performance.” – Missert

“All I can say is wow!!! Only thing I regret is not getting a Haze sooner!!” – Mando

“After researching and watching countless youtube videos I’ve found that the Haze vaporizer offers flexibility that other vapes do not.” – Ian

How is the Haze Dual different?

  • First and only Dual Chamber Vaporizer
  • Ultimate Portability: unique on-the-go features with pre-packable cans and replaceable batteries
  • Versatile Vaping Experience: compatible with all types of materials!
  • Two Heating Methods: select conduction or convection to vape your materials
  • Patented Heat Exchange Technology: enjoy the coolest vapor with no draw restriction


Haze Technologies was founded in 2013 and has quickly become a thought-leader in the vaporizer industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Haze is redefining the industry with “game-changing” multi-chamber technology.


Haze Technologies Coupon Codes Discount Promo Online Save On Cannabis Research Analysis

Research and Analysis

After extensive research and analysis, we designed the Haze Dual vaporizer, the undisputed, best portable vaporizer for outdoor lovers. Haze Dual V3 offers ultimate portability and the most versatile vaping experience.

Haze Technologies Coupon Codes Discount Promo Online Save On Cannabis About Haze

Introducing the Haze Dual

The first version of the Haze Dual was introduced in April of 2014, and, since then, we have released two more versions of the product. We based the product improvements and updates on customer feedback. By listening to the end user and taking their comments seriously, we were able to enhance the Haze experience and meet the consumer demand.

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Latest & Greatest

The Haze Dual V3 is the latest and greatest version with features and benefits that take the vaping experience to the next level with ultimate portability and versatility.

Haze Technologies Coupon Codes Discount Promo Online Save On Cannabis Haze OurMission

Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in customer service and provide Haze users with the best experience. We personally work with you, whether you are a beginner or experienced user, to make sure you make the most of your Haze vaporizer. Our product is backed by a 10-year warranty program and a superior customer care which is another reason why most influential bloggers refer to us as one of the best portable vaporizers of the industry.

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