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Welcome to Handpicked CBD, the leading online retail destination for high-quality, tried & tested CBD products. Shop the very best, most trusted CBD brands for CBD oils, balms, edibles and more.

As part of our commitment to quality, we sample every CBD product that we sell, making sure that we list only the very best products from the world’s leading CBD brands and manufacturers.

Every product on Handpicked CBD comes with a verified 3rd party lab report so you can be sure of its quality ingredients.

Whether you’re new to CBD oil or a seasoned user, we’re on a mission to be your go-to trusted store of choice. By delivering a best-in-class selection of products, exceptional customer service, educational content and purchase protection Handpicked CBD provides a safe and trustworthy place to shop for CBD oil products.

We hope you enjoy the store and find what you’re looking for. Check out our range of CBD oils, CBD vapes, CBD capsules, CBD balms, creams and gels, CBD edibles and CBD drinks.

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Top 15 CBD Oils for 2020


Given you’re here on Handpicked, we’re guessing you’ve heard the hype around CBD (aka cannabidiol). It seems to be everywhere at the moment, right?!

According to a recent study, it’s thought there are 1.3 million regular CBD users in the UK, with another 6 million people that have tried it in the last year.

So why all the excitement?

In short, a huge amount of people are experiencing a range of health and wellbeing benefits from using CBD oil products. Those positive experiences lead people to tell their friends, who then try CBD, and the buzz continues.

Importantly, the science is catching up with the anecdotal evidence too. As cannabis moves from an illegal ‘taboo’ substance into the popular mainstream, scientists are able to carry out a lot more research into the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD (as well as other cannabis compounds).

So, what exactly is CBD?


CBD is a natually-occuring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, as CBD is officially known, was first discovered in 1942 and is just one of over 100 such cannabinoids found in cannabis, the most famous of all being the high-inducing “THC”.

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For a full intro to CBD you can check out our Complete Beginners Guide to CBD. Alternatively carry on reading below as we dig into CBD oil in more detail.

The first step to making CBD oil is to put the cannabis (or hemp) plant through an extraction process. There are several extraction methods, but the current best practise is via the (more expensive) CO2 supercritical method, which is widely regarded as the cleanest and most efficient, and thus produces the better quality oils.

The cannabis extraction process turns the plant material into a useable oil that contains CBD. Importantly this oil also contains all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant, and is therefore referred to as Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Full spectrum is seen as the most effective type of CBD oil, as it’s thought the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil are enhanced in the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. This is known as the “entourage effect”.

That said, it’s also quite common to take the extraction process a step or two further:

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – this is the same as full spectrum except the THC cannabinoid is completely removed. Given THC’s current legal status, broad spectrum CBD oil is a great choice for those whose professions carry a zero THC policy, for example professional athletes.

CBD Isolate – this is pure CBD with all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes removed.


Currently there is only one CBD prescription drug on the market, called Epidiolex, and it’s used to treat two rare, severe forms of epilepsy.

However, CBD oil is being reported anecdotally and in early scientific research to help with a wide range of ailments from chronic pain to anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Whilst we’re still very much in the early days of saying anything definitively about the benefits of CBD, the curent evidence suggests it could be a genuine natural treatment for several common health issues.


Current research suggests CBD oil could help to relieve the symptoms of many common health issues including chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Whilst the research is still in its early stages, the inital signs are certainly positive.

It’s thought CBD works in the human body by interacting with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS, which is also a relatively new discovery and still in the preliminary research stage, is thought to be responsible for controlling balance in our bodies (known as homeostasis). Meaning it is involved in regulating physiological and cognitive processes such as appetite, mood, pain-sensation, sleep and memory.

When we introduce CBD into our bodies it’s able interact with our ECS in a unique way. And it’s the result of these unique interactions that has scientist around the world very excited by the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.


CBD oil does not get you high. It is the cannabinoid THC that is intoxicating, making you feel ‘high’. And it’s for that reason that CBD oil products must contain less that 1mg of THC in order to remain legal.

On Handpicked CBD we ensure all of our CBD products come with a 3rd part lab report to ensure they do not contain more than the legal limit of THC.


All current evidence points to CBD oil being safe. So much so that the World Health Organisation’s report on CBD confirmed it as both safe and non-addictive.


Handpicked CBD is the creation of George and Sabrina, a husband & wife team from London, England. Having seen first-hand the wonderful benefits of CBD (whether it be through oils, balms or even edibles), we decided to open an online store to help others discover this awesome gift from nature.

From personal experience we know that researching CBD for the first time can be frustrating. Is it legal? Does it make you high? There’s so much mis-information, confusing jargon and unfortunately quite a few people just trying to make a quick buck.

With that in mind, we created Handpicked CBD to provide a retail hub that delivers a safe, trustworthy and educational shopping experience for consumers looking to try out CBD.

All of the CBD products that we list are from reputable brands that we’ve tried & tested, either personally or amongst our community. We only work with CBD companies that follow the best practices from seed-to-shelf. That means:

  • Cultivation: all CBD is sourced organically, no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or heavy metals.
  • Extraction: CBD is extracted using the widely regarded supercritical CO2 method.
  • Quality: every CBD product listed has been 3rd party lab tested to ensure its ingredients.


We’re on a mission to introduce people across the world to this incredible natural product. To do that, we aim to become the ‘go-to’ online CBD marketplace for buying the very best, most trusted CBD products from the most reputable brands in the industry.

In an (as yet) unregulated industry, it’s our job to set high-standards and lead with our core values of trust and transparency.


  • Rigourous Vetting of Vendors: we thoroughly investigate each vendor before allowing them to list their CBD products on Handpicked CBD.
  • Cultivation, Extraction, Quality: Every CBD product we list comes with a 3rd party lab report confirming its ingredients. We also have lab reports confirming no pesticides, fertilisers, solvents or heavy metals are in the products. Furthermore we only work with vendors that extract their CBD via the supercritical CO2 process.
  • Unbiased Reviews: customers can (and are encouraged to) leave reviews on any products that they purchase via Handpicked CBD. Our team keep a close eye on all reviews and act quickly to rectify any issues.
  • Product Testing: as well as customer reviews our team tests every product that’s sold on Handpicked CBD. Enabling us to put our own product reviews together, and make sure we’re only listing products that we would personally vouch for.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: all of the products listed on Handpicked CBD are guaranteed by a minimum 7-day returns period.
  • Customer Service: we’re here to provide the best service to CBD consumers, and good service starts with great customer service. Our support team are on hand 24/7, either on the live chat or by contacting us on email at support@handpickedcbd.com

CBD oil has had a profound benefical impact on our lives, and the lives of so many of our customers. We hope in Handpicked CBD we’re able to help you as you start or continue you CBD, and cannabis, journey.

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