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About Greenpath Science

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We are a breakthrough CBD Company offering top quality, organically-fared, the third party certified CBD with a unique patent-pending calibrated dropper for our oral supplements. Our system is ideal for beginners and for healthcare practitioners who need an accurate way to find the quantity of CBD that works for each person. We are also expanding our line to topical CBD products made with 100% natural ingredients, botanical extracts, and oils.

Comfort and success with CBD
What Makes GREENPATH™ Special?

Comfort and success with CBD


Whether you are seeking relief from stress, sleep issues, or just the aches and pains of a maturing body, CBD can be a valuable addition to your natural wellness regime.


If you feel a little insecure or maybe even scared, banish your fear! GREENPATH™ Measured CBD is safe, non-intoxicating, science based, and made for YOU.


Calibrated Dropper

It’s your body, it’s your life! Everybody is different! Our Exclusive Calibrated Dropper allows users to safely and accurately self-determine their own individualized setting. Perfect for anybody who desires safety, convenience and repeatable accuracy.

Calibration Dropper
Starter Kit For Success
More Than CBD

The Starter-Kit for Success

It includes everything you need:

  • A.)1000mg of the highest-quality,non-intoxicating,USA organically-grown CBD-Oil.
  • B.)Certificate of Analysis.
  • C.)Exclusive, Calibrated dropper with patent pending,sliding,”Memory-Band” for optimum results and consistency.
  • Step-By-Step User Guide and Daily Log.

You just sit back,relax and advance at your own pace.


Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

1000mg Highest-Quality,Non-intoxicating(0% THC), Organically Farmed and C02extracted,Only the best,full-Spectrum CBD Oil.

Every batch is tested and certified.Certificate of Analysis is provided with every order.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Calibrated Dropper
GREENPATH™ Calibration Technology

Calibrated Dropper

We combined the highest-quality certified CBD, with scientifically calibrated technology to provide the greatest benefit of CBD at the greatest value.


Certificate of Analysis

Every system and every bottle of GREENPATH CBD comes with a Certificate of Analysis. Guarantees safety, quality and accuracy.Every bottle is individually, coded and traceable to it’s analysis.

Certificate of Analysis
Progress Log
Make CBD Work For You

Progress Log

Daily progress log.Record your progress in satisfying your presenting issues (anxiety, pain, etc.).Use daily in the beginning to maximize your potential for obtaining good results.

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CBD from A to Z

GREENPATH™ replaces hearsay and empty claims with science.Our user guide is your personal tool developed to make CBD work for you.

User Guide



CBD is used by millions to treat everything from anxiety, stress and depression, to insomnia, aches, pains, and more.

The problem is, there is widespread confusion between the hemp-based, non-intoxicating CBD, which for our purposes, we will call “GOOD CBD” (a dietary supplement), and the marijuana-based, THC containing CBD, which for our purposes, we will call “BAD CBD” (a recreational drug). This confusion discourages many who may benefit from ever trying CBD.

That was the case with me. As I aged, I noticed little aches and pains gradually becoming more bothersome. However, I was skeptical of reported CBD successes, and I was put off by the hype.

Of primary concern, I wanted to distance myself from anything that could jeopardize my current state of well-being.

This is what led me to develop GREENPATH™ Measured CBD.

GREENPATH™ combines the highest-quality, most trustworthy, non-intoxicating, the U.S.A., hemp-based, CBD (“GOOD CBD”), with an exclusive, calibrated dropper, and step-by-step instructions.

The GREENPATH™ Starter Kit is the “game-changer” for anyone who is interested in discovering how CBD can improve their life. It contains everything you need to remain at ease and in control.

Your body is unique, Nobody can tell you the right amount of CBD to take for your particular needs.

CBD reduces my aches and pains, daily fatigue, and arthritis issues in my hands. It allows me to maintain my own well-being, without a doctor’s intervention or prescription meds.

CBD works for me, and we sincerely hope it works for you. The GREENPATH™ Starter-Kit includes everything you need to safely experience the benefits of CBD.

We invite you to sit back, relax, and take the GREEN-PATH to natural wellness!

Bart E. Greenhut, Inventor, Owner

Confused About CBD?

The core difference between GREENPATH™ CBD and competitors is its exemplary, quality and game-changing, technology. It puts you in the driver’s seat, and allows you to develop your own, optimum personal plan. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions until you reach the point that relieves your particular issue(s), whether it be stress, depression, sleep issues, anxiety or anything else.

The GREENPATH™ Measured CBD “Starter Kit” comes with everything you need for a safe, relaxing introduction to CBD: A.) 1000mg of the highest-quality, U.S.A., organically-farmed, non-intoxicating, CBD Oil; B.) Certificate of Analysis; C.) Exclusive GREENPATH™ Calibrated Dropper; D.) User Guide and a Daily Log to record your progress.

Patent Pending

GREENPATH™ CBD is hemp-based, and contains 0% THC, the intoxicating chemical in marijuana. It is 3rd party tested, and every bottle is serial numbered, hermetically sealed and supplied with a Certificate Of Accuracy.

In summary, GREENPATH™ is a scientifically developed system that will deliver safe, consistent, and personalized, results, so you can discover the benefits CBD may bring to your life.

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