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Dank Geek - Coupon Codes - Vape - Pipes - Bong - Dabrig - Marijuana - Cannabis - Online - Save On Cannabis Promos

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4'' Inch Nucleus Replacement Downstem


Hemper - A-Dab-Ter




Rosin Tech Go™


Nucleus - Ladder Style Ashcatcher with Showerhead Perc


Nucleus - Male to Male Dropdown Reclaim Catcher 14mm or 18mm


Maverick Glass - Beaker Tube 18''


The Kind Pen - Metal/Glass Wick Cartridge


Vapor Slide - V2 Plus Midnight Black


Hemper - It's LiT Rolling Tray


UPC Glass - Diffused Ash Catcher


Zink - Goblin Heady Dab Rig w/ Horn Accents


Empire Glassworks - Avocado Roach Clip


Lightsaber Dabber


Diamond Glass - Classic Beaker Bong 13''


Empire Glassworks - Pineapple Paradise Bong


LA Pipes - Bubble Base with Ice Pinch Water Pipe


Diamond Glass - Starstruck 13''


EYCE Collector


Empire Glassworks - Beehive Recycler Water Pipe


Hemper - Inline Rig


BoroDirect - Fumed Bubble Chillum


4" Wooden Dugout Box w/ Bat


Empire Glassworks - Strange Monster


Glassheads - Inside-out Color Changing Fumed Sherlock w/ Oily Cobalt Drops


Empire Glassworks - Glazed Kitty Donut Hand Pipe


Grav - Chiller Multi Kit


Empire Glassworks - Mother of Dragons Hand Pipe


Chameleon Glass - Dubdancer Pipe


Grav - Helix Steamroller - 6 Inches


KandyPens - Gravity Vaporizer


Dr. Dabber - Aurora Vaporizer


Vapor Slide - V2 Hybrid Vape Pen & Dab


Honey Stick Rip and Ditch Disposable Vaporizer


510 Thread AutoDraw Battery


Empire Glassworks - Cactus Roach Clip


Linx Eden Charging Dock


Quartz 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber


BoroDirect - Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Ashcatcher 14mm Joint


18mm to 14mm Showerhead Downstem


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DankGeek is the go-to online headshop.

DankGeek carries only high-quality water pipes, concentrate rigs, hand pipes, and accessories for our fellow enthusiasts. Our pledge is to provide the best products, at the best price, with the best service. We are growing everyday so be sure to visit frequently for new products, deals, and contests!

We are The Dank Geeks!

The DankGeek team is a collaboration of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Since our inception, our core mission has been to offer the best service and connect our peers to affordable, beautiful, functional, and unique glasses that stimulate the imagination and enhance our hobby. We are growing and are always looking for new products to add to our collection. If you know an artist or would like your work featured, please contact us! We love to support local artists that let our customers…

Exhale Happiness!

We are passionate about the community. Our commitment, as fellow enthusiasts, is to serve the community by providing the best products, at the best prices, delivered with the best service. Our team takes great pride in providing our customers with nothing short of a “WOW!” experience.  We offer FREE shipping on all domestic orders, with FREE goodies on every order. All of our products come with 100% money back guarantees for 100% satisfaction.

A message from Dank Geek:

From lame to fame, geeks have gained immense recognition and respect in recent years.  A few geeks we all know are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and the late Steve Jobs. Besides being billionaires, they all shared a passion and obsession for computers and programming.  Nowadays, geeks are no longer associated with only computers. You probably are familiar with or may consider yourself a: Gaming Geek, Chic Geek, Food Geek, or Gadget Geek. Geeks may be different from one another, but like Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, and Musk, we all share one thing in common: passion and obsession.

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