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About CBD Universe

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Gummies By CBD Universe


In three refreshing flavors: fruit burst, spearmint, and peppermint.

Tinctures by CBD Gummies

The best tinctures

You’ll love our tinctures! Available in cinnamon, natural flavor, and CBD isolate

Body Lotion By CBD Universe

Elevate your recovery with Spyder

High-performance lotions and balms for skin-soothing relief

CBD Universe Coupon Your Wellness Matters

Your wellness matters

We’re big believers hemp. Our founders started CBD Universe to make its benefits more accessible to all.

Due to regulations, no company can claim CBD does, well… anything. That’s why our advisory board includes doctors and scientists who share the latest research studies with us.

About CBD Universe

CBD Universe sources only the highest quality ingredients. We’re also really friendly and love to help!

CBD Universe Coupon Face Cream

We have one important, overarching goal…

to provide the highest quality CBD products to our customers quickly at the best prices. We source the best of the best industrial hemp-derived phytocannabinoids from across the industry to ensure we bring you products with the best quality.

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How we do it

To do this, we start with better hemp plants. The plants our products are derived from are rich in more than just CBD; they are also high in CBG, CBN, CBC, and other naturally occurring synergistic cannabis compounds which provide the full-spectrum elements we know you seek. In order to ensure a consistently high level of quality, we provide our farmers with clones of the same plants from which they propagate the base materials that become our CBD products.

CBD Universe Coupon How We Do It

CBD Universe Coupons Better Quality

Better Quality

Using the same strain means we can better control the quality and consistency of the cannabinoid compounds that we get from the plants. In addition, our farmers test for the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, mold, and mildew before and after harvesting to ensure that there are no contaminants so we can keep the quality high.

After testing, the plants are sent for extraction, at which point they become either a full-spectrum CBD oil or isolate. Then each batch of product is tested once more. During this process, the batch is given a unique barcode and certified by the testing lab. From there, the CBD isolate and oil are turned into the wide range of products you see. Since each batch of CBD oil and isolate is certified, you can use the certification number to get the testing information on the batch your chosen product was made from.

It’s one more way we ensure that we provide our customers with the highest-quality CBD products.

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