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About CBD Drip

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Enjoy A Natural Alternative

Hemp-based wellness products engineered to help you feel your best. Morning or night you can try herbal remedies for relief.

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What Our Customers Say

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I am a 55 yr old

I am a 55 yr old, with insomnia this stuff helps me sleep (period). Its stopped me from drinking myself to sleep. Would recommend it to anyone who needs help.

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Very helpful and knowledgeable

Very helpful and knowledgeable
about products and went the extra mile to be accommodating

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Wonderful product

Wonderful product, shipping could be a tad faster. However, I will purchase again and recommend to friends & family.

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Super fast shipping

Super fast shipping. Great product!

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Exactly what I ordered in a timely…

Exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion. Thanks. I’m fixing to reorder.

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You may be new to CBD but hearing about it everywhere, we want to give you an understanding abou this safe herbal option. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid compound that has shown promising health benefits as a dietary supplement to help with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other ailments. Yet, not all CBD products are the same. CBD is just one important component of a truly full-spectrum cannabinoid product. To maximize the effectiveness of a CBD product, it should retain all of the beneficial parts of the plant so it can work synergistically to give you the result you need. We believe a natural full-spectrum hemp product, void of harsh chemicals is optimal. Choose the natural and holistic approach.

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Each full-spectrum hemp product is designed for different uses. CBD Drip Gold, Platinum, and Onyx are designed primarily for use in your favorite E-Liquid. Our RixMix brand can be used in your vape or a sublingual (under the tongue). ECOCaps and ECOGels are your daily use full-spectrum pill form hemp product to help bring balance and homeostasis. ECODrops are engineered with a particular focus in mind. When you need an additional boost, focus, relief or you just need to relax and dream away, use our ECODrops. We also offer a hemp extract in isolate form called ECOShot Energy & Relax as a quick energy boost or as a stress reliever.

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Unlike many CBD products on the market, our CBD products are full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant cannabinoid product. We use a responsible CO2 supercritical extraction method to extract all the beneficial parts of the hemp plant. Thus retaining all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, nutrients, and compounds without using pesticides or using harsh chemical solvents. Don’t buy CBD isolate products that state CBD is in its pure state. These use harsh chemical solvents like hexane and heptane, as well as, destroy the other essential compounds of the hemp plant. We believe in a natural full-spectrum hemp product, not a synthesized one.


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Our story

It all began with some liquid courage

Our story started as any does: with regular people being served a challenge. We were e-liquid artisans at the time, crafting e-liquids for consumers and stores alike. Our e-liquids were a hit, but according to you, they were missing a crucial ingredient – CBD. Infusing them with CBD oil was the obvious answer. But when we listened a little more closely we realized you were asking a different question. You wanted to be able to take charge of your wellness. And one-size-fits-all wasn’t the way. So we created an entirely new, entirely tailorable product: the original CBD oil additive.

We’re familiar with the drawing board

It didn’t happen overnight. We reached out to a global network of suppliers to find the perfect source for our CBD – a small, organic hemp farm in the Netherlands. We decided that nothing but whole-plant extracts and the most advanced supercritical CO2 extraction processes would do. We took our scientists through a painstaking trial and error process to craft a product that met our almost painfully high standards. And we became very familiar with the drawing board. But excellence is all about tenacity. Endless nights of testing later, and we had something to show for our efforts.

More of a good thing is better

Seeing our oils on the shelves was a proud moment. Seeing your response to them was an even prouder one. You loved the adaptability of our oils – and you wanted more. Back to the lab and our drawing board we went. But this time we had your feedback and your suggestions to fuel us. And fuel us they did. From those late-night brainstorming sessions came dozens of ideas for CBD products that would give you more choice around managing your wellness. And more options for adapting your CBD to your needs.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In a sense, you’ve been a partner in all of this. That’s because we’re here for you first and foremost. If every interaction you have with us is a positive one, then we’re doing it right. So you will get a great product every time. You will get a response to that email you sent. And you might even get a phone call or a little gift to say thanks for being a part of this. Maybe it’ll be a sales rep on the other end, or maybe it’ll be our CEO. There’s no hierarchy here. Just a passion for doing things better – together.

We’re going to take it to the moon

So where to from here? Just a little place we like to refer to as the moon. We want to take our CBD oils somewhere no one else has been before. We want to plant our flag in the name of wellness. Because we’re in this to make wellness a possibility for all – and always without compromise. We hope you’ll join us.

We produce the highest quality and most trusted hemp oil extract products on the market. We research and develop the best full spectrum products for our customers in various forms ranging from edible liquid or tinctures, capsules and in travel size beverages. Our company is reinventing the very way naturally occurring Cannabidiol is used.With our latest scientific innovations, we have streamlined Hemp CBD consumption into soft pill form called ECOCAPS, and the 2oz drink called ECOSHOT. Our liquid based product line can be used sublingually, as an additive to food, beverage and as a vape additive. Our products are derived from European hemp stalk and are organically grown, gluten-free and vegan. We create pure CBD oil products that are travel ready and packaged for your on-the-go lifestyle. CBD Drip is the next generation!

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