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5% off site-wide Canniloq coupon! Premium Herb Storage Containers Engineered to Last a Lifetime.

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For discounts and deals on some of the most advanced storage containers on the market, trust only our verified Canniloq coupons and exclusive promo codes.

Canniloq manufactures high-grade, smell-proof, rugged, child-resistant stash containers. The Colorado-based company is known for its storage units that are virtually indestructible, completely airtight, and seriously stylish. Conniloq’s mission is clear: to engineer secure, precision machined, reusable storage containers that will make you forget about ever keeping your stash in zip-locks, baggies, pill jars, or medicine bottles.

Since 2019, Canniloq supports the ban on single-use plastic items and works with dispensaries worldwide, spreading the word on reusable herb storing units. The containers manufactured by Canniloq are not only affordable and beneficial for the environment, but they also keep your stash fresh and fragrant.

Transcend Aluminum Series

The Transcend Aluminum Series is an air and water-tight container unrivaled in durability, style, and quality. With an aerospace-grade aluminum finish, this sleek, personal storage unit is shatter-proof and crush-proof. It has a unique child-safe lock ensuring that your stash is always safe and secure around kids and pets. It’s available in two sizes and offered in Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, and Sand Silver colors. Grab yours at a bargain with our verified Canniloq promo codes and coupons.

Transcend TXD Reinforced Polymer

Canniloq CBD Coupon Code TDX

This extreme-duty storage container is the reference when it comes to stash units. It may be one of the only herb stashing containers made from reinforced polymer. It sports all the Transcend Aluminum Series’ features but with an even more durable and lightweight material that makes it the ultimate herb storage unit.

Indestructible, the TXD can resist extreme temperatures and the harshest treatment. If you want to keep your precious herbs secure, nothing comes close to the TXD series. Be sure to take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts with our verified Canniloq coupon codes.

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Canniloq is convinced you’ll love your Canniloq herb container. To prove it, if you aren’t delighted with your product, Canniloq offers a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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