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About Bloom Botanics

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Bloom Botanics are the UK’s premium CBD specialists. They aim to bring high quality education the the UK CBD space and Add clarity to market by being clear about the contents of CBD products and ensuring they have been third party lab tested.

Bloom Botanics
The UK’s One Stop CBD Shop

Finding it hard to know what UK brands of CBD you can Trust? Find it hard to understand what you are buying? Not sure what is a good price to pay for CBD?

At Bloom Botanics, we aim to take the confusion out of your CBD purchase. We only sell trusted and quality lab tested products from brands which we know are effective & that we love ourselves.

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We also ensure to sell all our products at or below the price of the brands themselves, as well as offering great offers and deals which you can’t find anywhere else.

Finally, we label the strengths and contents of all the products in a similar manner clearly labeling the Concentration of CBD in the bottle in percentage, helping you understand what you are buying and helping you compare the products in a standardized manner. Making picking the right CBD for you easier than ever before.

If you have any questions or requests please contact us and help us make and keep Bloom Botanics the number one CBD shop in the UK!

Our Brands

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Our Mission

Bloom Botanics Ltd strives to be the UK’s #1 CBD Superstore. This is done by focusing on clarity and education; using standardized measurements of strength and being transparent about the CBD products. All while stocking only trustworthy lab tested CBD brands which are 100% legal in the UK.

How Can Bloom Botanics Ltd Be Sure To Achieve Their Goal?

Bloom Botanics Ltd is a collective of CBD Experts & Users who have a proven track record in producing excellent E-commerce experiences. With their combination of industry defining professionalism and passion for the product, they understand the needs of the new to CBD user, the regular user and the hardcore CBD devotee.

We hunt for new suppliers constantly and work with our current suppliers to present our customers the latest and greatest in CBD products and innovations from around the world. Making sure that you the customer get the best product for you and your individual needs.

Bloom Botanics Ltd History

Bloom Botanics Ltd is a young and innovative startup launched in March 2019. It was formed when a collective of E-commerce experts from the UK, Ireland and the North American Cannabis and Cannabis Accessory Industry realized that the product they had all grown to love had no real home in the UK. Nowhere properly fulfilled the need for clarity in the market; which they knew was necessary to legitimize CBD in the UK.

Being new, we hope you love our store as much as we do so we can extend this section a bit further over the coming years!

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