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Apricot Kernel
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Sun Flower

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Barecat Coupon Code CBD Powered

The magical ingredient that has healing powers that are beyond us. Always third party tested.

Barecat CBD Coupon Code Chemical Free

We like our skincare like we like our people, non-toxic.

Barecat CBD Coupon Code Cruelty Free

The best things in life aren’t tested on animals.

Barecat CBD Coupon Code Safe
Safe for all skin types
Barecat CBD Coupon Code Paraben Free
Barecat CBD Coupon Code Recyclable

About Us

No stodgy or scary ingredients.
We keep it simple and we keep it real.

From invasive skin treatments to expensive, chemically flooded products, we’ve tried it all to get rid of acne, redness, irritation, and dryness on our own skin. None of it worked and at times, made it worse.

Years ago, one of the Founder’s of Barecat was gifted a homemade blend of coconut oil mixed with a few key essential oils. Within 2 weeks, her skin looked and felt better than ever. We started sharing this formula with friends and family who also saw great results. We knew we had to bottle this magic up and share it with as many people as possible.

As owners of a successful CBD company, the other 2 Founders of Barecat knew that CBD would only enrich this formula and provide immense anti-inflammatory benefits to assist in healing problematic skin.

We aim to keep skincare natural, gentle, and simple so that women (and men) can find happiness in their own BARE skin.

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