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Atmos RX - Coupon Codes - Vape - Save On Cannabis

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AtmosRx Dry Herb Kit


Junior Kit


Jump Kit


Studio Rig Attachment System


Kiln RA Kit


Vicod 5G 2nd Gen Kit


Ruva Kit


Tyga x Shine Pillar Kit


Astra 2 Kit


Aegis Kit


Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Kit


Greedy M2 60W Kit


The Swiss Kit - Stainless


Micro Pal Kit


Electro Dabber Kit


Bullet Kit


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About AtmosRX

Save Money with AtmosRX Coupon Codes

As pioneers of the portable vaporizer industry, the team at Atmos are very proud of the work and effort that goes into designing each new device.

Their products undergo some of the most intense research and quality control processes on the market, and by utilizing an in-house engineering team, they streamline the process making it quicker and more effective than ever before.

They have been recognized by countless different magazines, reviews, and other major voices in the industry for their consistent work as trailblazers and innovators of the vaporizer market.


  •  Industry Leader and Front Runner of Innovation
  •  Simple and Effective Product Designs
  •  In-House Engineering & Quality Control
  •  A Knowledgeable & Professional Customer Service Team
  •  Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty

Amazing Product. Not and understatement. Looked at all my options before I decided on Atmos RX. Glad I did. Best actual Vape in the market.

AZ Csar

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Atmos Nation, LLC (“Atmos”) is a global leader and innovator in the design, manufacturing, and sale of portable electronic vaporizers. Atmos uses proprietary in-house engineering with exceptional attention to detail to design top-of-the-line products subject to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. Atmos also works with national and international distributors and manufacturers to procure the best quality components for its outstanding product designs.

The vaporizer industry has quickly grown and is constantly changing. Originally only bulky desktop devices were available, but with improved technology, Atmos seized the market for portable vaporizers and emerged as an industry pioneer and innovator, securing the first patent for a portable pen vaporizer. Atmos is at the cutting edge of vaporization technology, maintaining quality product designs years ahead of the competition through the guidance of its in-house research and development team. Atmos protects the quality and innovative nature of its products through over thirty-five patents and fourteen trademarks. The successful prosecution against competitors violating its intellectual property is demonstrative proof that Atmos is an industry pioneer and leader.

As the industry standard, Atmos is regularly approached by other businesses and manufacturers interested in the latest technology their company has to offer. Atmos has strong relationships and vast experience with global manufacturing facilities. Atmos prides itself on honest and genuine business practices to build lasting relationships with partners by helping each one succeed and grow through cooperative efforts.

Atmos’ professional, highly trained, customer support team is knowledgeable in every aspect of the Atmos product line, as well as related and competing industry products. The Atmos staff is regularly given lessons on new products and new trends in the industry to ensure that all representatives are equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly answer customers’ questions and concerns. No question is too big or too small for the Atmos staff to handle. All Atmos products and services come backed by their five-year limited warranty. Customers can rest assured knowing that every purchase made with Atmos is a smart choice.

At AtmosRx, they are constantly working to improve upon their products and to meet the demands of their clients and the marketplace. They listen to each review and testimonial that is sent their way, and they work hard to make the necessary improvements. It’s all about knowing their business, customers, and the market’s needs. After years of experience, and with a vast amount of knowledge and talent in their arsenal they have launched themselves ahead of the competition to a place of understanding the growth and change of the vaporizer industry.

Keep watching their company as they are regularly introducing new devices that help shape and push the vaporizer industry further than ever before.

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