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15% OFF Allevita coupon for organic CBD for PMS & topical pain relief!

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10% OFF Allevita CBD for women! Save on PMS supplements and topicals.

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About Allevita

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Natural and Complete CBD Based PMS Relief

Harness the power of CBD to beautify you from the inside out

Epione — CBD based PMS relief

Epione is a soothing, CBD based all-natural formula for PMS support and relief. Start feeling like you again.

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Allevita CBD Coupon Code For Women

Created by women,
for women.

Allevita® offers a unique PMS supplement solution in an easy-to-take vegetarian capsule full of natural vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. With our certified organic, California grown, hemp-derived CBD, and an army of other powerful natural ingredients, you’ll be ready to conquer PMS on the front line.*

Better Ingredients

We’ve spent months perfecting the ingredients to ensure quality and potency, finally landing on a curated formula in which each ingredient has a specific purpose for easing menstrual symptoms.

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Magnesium


In addition to relaxing muscles, it may also reduce anxiety and hormonal acne by impacting cortisol production. It has been shown to work best when used in combination with Vitamin B6.*

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Extract

CBD Extract

Hemp CBD may help restore hormonal balance which can reduce mood swings, muscle inflammation, and pain. Our CBD is locally sourced from California, certified organic and its purity is ensured via third-party testing. Since our CBD extract is 100% derived from hemp it contains no THC. No psychedelic effects here.*

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Cramp Bark

Cramp Bark

As the name suggests, this ingredient targets cramps. It may help block spasms of the smooth muscle in the uterus, reducing PMS and endometriosis-related discomfort. It has also been used to reduce migraines and fluid retention (aka period bloat)!*

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is a rock star. Not only can it alleviate breast soreness by increasing progesterone, but it may also act as a mood enhancer and hormone stabilizer by regulating serotonin levels – reducing food cravings and back pain caused by hormonal fluctuations.*

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Green Tea

Green Tea

Many PMS products include caffeine to combat fatigue or an antihistamine to reduce water retention. Our Green Tea Extract contains 50% Caffeine and is “au natural”.*

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Women’s Alliance

Women have unique powers and strengths because of our anatomy, but we’re also burdened with constantly changing hormones that at times interrupt the pursuit of our dreams. Allevita® aims to offer women ways to help manage their reproductive health and put an end to those interruptions, period. By creating a female-focused company that offers health-conscious reproductive support, we hope to be able to empower women to lead more enjoyable and fulfilled lives.

As part of the Alliance, Allevita® donates a portion of our profits to the below organizations:

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Engender Health
Allevita CBD Coupon Code Reproductive Health
Allevita CBD Coupon Code Guttmacher

About us

Our PMS Cramp
Relief Supplement

Allevita CBD Coupon Code Epione Cactus

Welcome to the beginning
of a more stable you.

We created Allevita because we wanted it for ourselves. After coming off birth control for the first time in over a decade and struggling with some intolerable symptoms of PMS bloating and cramps, founder Sarah Wander couldn’t believe that an all-encompassing natural relief supplement for the monthly hormonal roller coaster still didn’t exist. One thing that was seemingly new after a decade was the availability of CBD, which offered some relief. And of course, there were vitamins, plenty of pain relievers and all sorts of period-related medications.

And while many, if not all, of these things worked to solve some of the ailments associated with female hormonal fluctuations, they didn’t seem to solve them all at once. Plus, not to mention all the chemicals and additives, the alternatives are not something you can take as a daily supplement. After talking this over with friends and family, it became apparent that not only was Sarah’s story not unique, but the feedback was unanimous — women needed better options. An all-natural PMS relief supplement.

We’ve spent months perfecting the ingredients to ensure quality and potency, finally landing on a curated formula in which each ingredient has a specific purpose for easing menstrual symptoms: CBD, Cramp Bark, Magnesium, B6, and Green Tea Extract. This formula is meant to be taken daily to stabilize the female body throughout the month, but especially for those rough PMS periods as well. Learn more about our ingredients here.

Allevita was created by women, for women.

Allevita is a support system to ease the symptoms of reproductive hormonal changes in a one-stop-shop sort of way, in an easy-to-take vegetarian capsule full of natural vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, specifically curated for you… and Sarah, and your friends, your coworkers, your sisters, your moms, your daughters. Find your PMS bloating and cramps relief supplement in our product.

What’s in a name?

Anahita is the goddess of water associated with healing and wisdom. Alleviate connotates relief and the reduction of pain and suffering. Vita means life in Latin and Italian. Combining these elements together in both name and meaning, we discovered Allevita. We hope this brand evokes a sense of relief for all who use it and makes each one of you feel just that much more like the goddess you are.

Have questions? Contact us to learn more about our PMS bloating and cramps relief supplement that gives you more control of your pain. You can also view our ingredients page to learn more about the amazing, all-natural ingredients we use for our relief supplement.

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