A Guide to the LEVO Infuser Machine

LEVO Infuser Overview

Gone are the days when stovetops were the only option for making cannabis infusions.  It was just too messy a manner to make cannabutter for making weed edibles!  Technology has taken over almost every aspect of life; the culinary world is not exempt from this revolution either. The LEVO oil machine is a fine technical gadget that has made making kitchen herb and cannabis oils extremely simple. Neither messy nor noisy, the LEVO infuser has caught the eye of the cannabis community in no time. In this brief, we will look at the different makes of the LEVO machine and how the device works.  If you were looking for a detailed breakdown of the LEVO oil machine, you are on the right page!

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LEVO Oil Infuser Models

There are three different LEVO machines in the market available right now. LEVO II, LEVO Lux, and LEVO C.

LEVO Infuser Oil Machine Comparison Graphic - Save On Cannabis
Compare the Specs of All LEVO Models
LEVO II – Color Options

LEVO II has a sleek design and features automatic dispensing, time, and temperature controls.  LEVO II offers the standard DRY and ACTIVATE cycles and push button operation.

LEVO Lux Options - Save On Cannabis
LEVO Lux – Color Options

LEVO Lux is a more premium version of the Levo infusion machine, hence the name “Lux.” Along with all the features of LEVO 2, the LEVO Lux features an enhanced dehydration feature, called DRY+ which features an in-lid fan to circulate warm air and efficiently removes moisture from fresh herbs extending shelf life.  The LEVO Lux also offers a touch screen implementation and different dispensing sizes.

LEVO C - Color Options - Save On Cannabis
LEVO C – Color Options

And as for LEVO C, it is a large batch infusing solution that is dishwasher safe plus features a touch screen.  This device offers the easiest solution for large batch infusions.

How Does LEVO Oil Machine Work?

For the sake of this discussion, we will discuss the steps involved in using the LEVO II oil machine. Just a quick comment on the machine, it is a bit heavy. But well, it is packed with quality, so that’s a compromise any customer would be willing to make.  Now for the steps!  Below are the basic processes for creating your cannabis infused oil with the LEVO.

Grinding Cannabis and Filling Herb Compartment

Grinding up your cannabis is the first step, assuming you have already selected the cannabis strain you will use. If you want to try something new, you can also search for alternatives based on flavor/terpene profiles or potency. However, it is best to go with your favorite strain if it is your first-time making cannabis edibles, since you already like the effects and flavor. The key question to answer here is about quantity. How much is, okay? We advise you to start with 5-10 grams, but the real answer depends upon the volume of oil you are using. As for the machine’s capacity, the LEVO 2 oil machine can hold up to a quarter of cannabis.  The more oil you use in comparison to the amount of flower will directly impact the potency of your final product.  Review the lab results of the flower you will be using if available to know the potency, we also recommend getting a Tcheck device which would let you check the potency of the flower and final oil product at home.  Once you input the herbs in the device your choice will be to set it to Dry or Activate.  We expect that most the time you will be choosing to Activate the cannabis which is to decarb it through a process of heating.  Dry will primarily be used if infusing standard cooking herbs, like your next tasty garlic red pepper olive oil.

Activating Cannabis

You will come across people who call this step decarboxylation, and they are right too. LEVO oil machine has made this step super easy. The user must put the pot containing grounded cannabis into the container and press activate. Decarboxylation takes place at 240 degrees over thirty minutes. Key cannabinoids like THC and CBD are activated due to this activation. After this step, prepare to feel a bit of aroma and a pungent smell.  By activating the decarboxylation process, your cannabis will be more potent and last longer, all it takes is a click of a button and a little patience with the LEVO.

Adding Oil

Once the key cannabinoids are activated, it is time to add oil. LEVO II cup can hold as much as 16 fluid ounces of oil. Most people like to go with butter, so you can also choose that option. It is a decision really up to you; there is a lot of variety available in this step. Olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, coconut oil, the list can go on. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that your chosen option is fat because cannabis is fat-soluble. Please submerge the decarboxylated weed in the oil. The magnetized stirring mechanism of the Levo oil machine slowly stirs fat in the infusion step, which is the next in our discussion.


Low and slow.  That’s the mantra for infusion in LEVO II and all their other oil infusion machines. It takes around one hour to warm up and two hours to infuse. You will need to spare at least five hours for the recipe under discussion right now. This wait is essential to the act as, at high temperatures, the key terpenes and cannabinoids are destroyed.  We could do that on a stovetop, couldn’t we? With the LEVO you may have to wait, but you will also have it synced with their mobile app to know what’s happening and also won’t have to worry about messing anything up.  We aren’t experts in the kitchen, so are keen to let the LEVO do the cooking for us here an auto-pilot.

Dispensing Your Cannabis Oil

One hundred twenty minutes later, the machine will let you know that your infused cannabis oil is ready through a tune and a notification from the mobile app. Once infusion is complete press Dispense when it is time. Once you press it, you will see a smooth, green butter drip down into your glass container.  There you are!  Your activated and perfected cannabis oil is ready for cooking, or if you made a tincture then for dripping into your mouth. Preferably, you can store this concoction in a glass jar with a lid. Once you put this jar in the fridge; it will easily last you a couple of weeks! Find your favorite recipes online and use this oil to get you the desired high or infusion of CBD in a meal, treat, or snack.


Before you start making weed edibles with the infused cannabis oil you just made, please read these details about cleaning the LEVO infuser. Cleaning it is not completely mess free, to be honest…but with the newest devices the components of the machine are dishwasher safe.  Follow all guidelines in the documents for how to clean, while not an automated process it is much easier than cleaning the pots and pans that you would’ve had to use without the LEVO.  This is the guaranteed easiest clean up of any process of making cannabis oil, especially when also adding in the extra pans you would need to use for the decarb process usually.

LEVO Oil Machine Accessories

LEVO Oil Accessories - Save On Cannabis
Some Best Selling LEVO Accessories

Accessories are a popular feature of LEVO products. If you want to make gummy edibles, then you will find their gummy molds quite useful. Similarly, candy lovers can enjoy the candy mold with LEVO oil infuser. These are the two most popular accessories which will certainly take your infusing game to the next level.

Final Thoughts

It is a little expensive, isn’t suitable for alcohol infusions, and it certainly takes a lot of time before your final product is ready. BUT. You will be challenged hard to find a better unit than this which can streamline the infused cannabis oil making process for you.  And it isn’t just about the cannabis, either!  You can use pretty much any herb that you want to infuse with an oil of your choice. Customizable infusion settings, a digital display screen and the option to save your favorite settings are some of the key points of this intelligent infuser.  Also, you get the control and monitoring of the device at ease from your mobile phone, start infusing head on out but keep an eye on the process from anywhere.  So final verdict? Definitely worth the price! On that decisive note, we bid you farewell and happy oil and edible making.

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